Re: New AuthFilter not seen in JigAdmin 2.0

Buchs Christian wrote:

> I'm implementing a new AuthFilter, let's say NewAuthFilter
> (in the jigsaw.auth directory).
> After having modified the relevant makefile, I've rebuilt jigsaw,
> then launch it along with JigAdmin. The problem is that JigAdmin
> doesn't "see" the new class, i.e. NewAuthFilter does not appear in
> the Frame list of the JigAdmin interface.
> I've gone through all the documentation on filters and frames but
> I haven't been able to find any tips about the matter.
> Do I have to change something in the .zip files or another file?

Yes, you have to modify Jigsaw/config/

1) unzip
2) modify the file frames.p (add your new class)
3) rebuild (with no compression)
4) restart JigAdmin

Regards, Benoit.

> Thanks,
> Ch. Buchs

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Received on Monday, 3 May 1999 10:47:33 UTC