proxy setup


I've followed the tutorial "setting up jigsaw as a proxy" but I'm unable to
perform step 6): editing the general properties.

I type "proxy" (or choose in the pop-up menu) in the "root name" field, I
push the "commit" button, but it doesn't change anything and in the
errorlog, it writes:

[http-server] failed to change root to [proxy]

More strange, I just reinstalled jigsaw today...two days ago, when I
installed it, I followed the tutorial and it worked...does the problem
locate in myself or in Jigsaw?

Michalis Giannakopoulos 
last year student in Communication Systems at 
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Permanent address :
99 rte d'Hermance
1245 Collonge-Bellerive

Received on Thursday, 11 March 1999 04:51:47 UTC