Virtual Hosts disappearing under NT

I have been experimenting with virtual hosts under both Unix and NT.  The
Unix setup went without a hitch.  However, the NT virtual servers seem to
disappear after the first time they are accessed.

The first time I try to access 'coolgraphics:8001' after it has been setup
and saved (PassDirectory, HTTPFrame, paths set etc.) I get a message saying
it is '...indexed but unavailable...'  with subsequent accesses producing
the 'root' pages.  I then note there is an entry in the error log that says:

org.w3c.jigsaw.resources.PassDirectory@/: coolgraphics:8001: deleted,
removing the DirectoryResource

When setting this virtual host up I noted that the 'Index' attribute under
the HTTPFrame would not show me a list of files (even after reindexing)
although my pass-target for the PassDirectory resource was set correctly

I didn't have this problem with the UNIX setup.  What is going on?

Bret Holstein

Received on Wednesday, 28 July 1999 03:58:06 UTC