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NT, image & class problems

From: Nathan Rozentals <nathanr@mis.co.za>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 06:20:09 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <00007392.C22008@mis.co.za>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
     Dear Sirs,
     I have been working with Jigsaw for about a week now, and have some 
     problems which I just can't seem to resolve.
     Installation is as follows: JDK 1.1.6, JSDK 2.0, jigsaw 2 0 beta 3.
     I have managed to install Jigsaw on my Win95 machine, and have a 
     "listener" running on port 8001.  (This machine also has Personal Web 
     Server running on a different port)
     Problems are as follows:
     1. When I view the documentation, none of the images are displayed. 
     (eg /Doc/User/jigadmauth.gif).
     2. I have also written some servlets that create pages to run normal 
     Java applets.  Whenever I try to view these pages, I get a "class not 
     found" error.
     3. I have also tried to install the same on our NT Internet Server 
     (production machine), and it just will not work.  This server is 
     running IIS 3.0 on port 8080.
     Installation was the same, the "listener" seems to run OK, but I just 
     cannot access any of the pages.  I have tried both the "-host 
     <hostname>", as well as the "-host <ip address>" options, but to no 
     What am I doing wrong ?
     - Nathan Rozentals, QDC South Africa.
     P.S. I have tried to look through your mail archive, but our internet 
     connection is so slow that it would take me weeks to crawl through all 
     the messages.
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