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"Olivier Liechti" writes:

> Hi,
> I am still on my way to install, configure and run Jigsaw on my solaris
> machine.
> Thank you for the new Servlet classes, I could compile them and use JSDK2.0.
> I have followed the instructions in the FAQ to install servlets on my
> server. Unfortunately, I got some strange behavior :
> - I wanted to install the example servlets in the JSDK distribution
> - I started with SimpleServlet, which work ok
> - I continued with SnoopServlet and SessionServlet
> - In the first case, I receive "Document contains no data" when I access the
> servlet

 I think it's a bug in SnoopServlet, the writer (out) is not closed in
 the servlet. If you add the call out.close() at the end of the doGet() Method
 it will works.

> - In the second case, I receive a "Internal Server Error"...

 Again, it's normal, the HttpSession has not been implemented yet.

> I tried those servlets with ServletRunner (in JSDK), they work ok. I have no
> idea where is the problem.
> Also, some questions to check my understanding of Jigsaw :
> "Everytime I create a new servlet, I *have* to use Jigadm to create a new
> resource (ServletWrapper)" ?

 Yes, you have to create it or to configure an indexer in order to create
 it automaticaly. See

> "Is it possible to run Jigadm on a remote machine ?" in this case, what do I
> have to install on the remote machine and what is the value of the root
> parameter ?

 Yes you can do it. You have to copy the file and to add it to
 your CLASSPATH. You need to have the config directory (/Jigsaw/config),
 Actually you don't need all the config diretory but it's not so big, so
 let's do it that way, it's more simple.
 The root parameter, for example, if you copy the config directory in 
 /remote/Jigsaw/config the root parameter should be /remote/Jigsaw .

> Thank you for your help !
> Cheers, Olivier


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