thread/client configuration

Sorry, about my previous partial message....

I have a question on the thread and client maximum properties that you 
can configure for your Jigsaw server.  The properties in particular
that I am interested in are:


I have been doing some performance and load testing on my product
(which is using the Jigsaw server), and I had to do quite a
bit of tweaking to the maxThreads and maxClients to get all of
the clients to successfully connect.  What I'm wondering is if
anyone has any numbers/information on what the ratio of maxClients
and maxThreads (and any of the other parameters) should be to
the expected number of maximum Clients connected.  I have been
unable to figure out the exact relationship and can't find it
in the Jigsaw documentation.  There must be more Threads than Clients 
and there must be more Clients than you actually expect (or maybe 
this has more to do with the Threads/Client ratio.  Other than than
I haven't established it.  On the tests *I* ran, I finally got the
connections I needed (100 actual clients) to work by setting
maxClients to 500 and maxThreads to 600 (I did not try all other
numbers in between, so this could be lower, but 300 didn't seem to
It also appears that Jigsaw starts up threads for half of the client

I am running on Windows NT 4.0 (for the example above, NT Server), with 
Jigsaw 1.2 alpha 5 and JDK 1.1.5.

Any information on any of these parameters would be appreciated!

-Brenda Hinkemeyer

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