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Somchai LIMSIRORATANA writes:

> Dear sir,
> 	Does anyone know the way to put a result of a servlet into a homep
> age?
> 	I mean, I want to insert a result of my servlet into some part of 
> my homepa
> ge. I known that the SSI(<!--#include virtual=....-->) can include a rea
> l ht
> ml file into another but it cannot include with the CGI result. I think,
>  ser
> vlet is the same.
> 	I ever use JavaWebServer of sun. it can insert a tag <servlet> int
> o shtml f
> ile and the result will include into the homepage. Can Jigsaw do this?

 Yes, but with a different syntax:

 <!--#servlet name="Snoop" param="p1" value="v1" -->
 <!--#servlet name="Snoop" param="p2" value="v2" -->
 <!--#servlet name="Snoop" code="/servlet/snoop" -->

 This example perform a call of the servlet called snoop (name of the 
 Jigsaw servletWrapper relative to the SnoopServlet) with two 
 parameters p1=v1 & p2=v2.


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