ExtensionsEditor problem with beta1

I've installed the new beta1 version of Jigsaw and I have a problem with
the Admin directory
the extension editor has been replaced by indexer (in Admin) but the
ExtensionEditor classe isn't include in the classes.zip from jigsaw
(BTW, in the documentation, it is supposed to be named jigsaw.zip but
in the archive, it is named classes.zip)

I've tried to compile the ExtensionsEditor.java file but I receive error
ExtensionsEditor.java:23: Method save() not found in interface
w3c.jigsaw.indexe r.ResourceIndexer.
        indexer.save() ;
ExtensionsEditor.java:56: Method
registerExtension(w3c.jigsaw.resources.HTTPReso urce) not found 
in interface w3c.jigsaw.indexer.ResourceIndexer.
            indexer.registerExtension(ext) ;
ExtensionsEditor.java:88: Method enumerateExtensionNames() not found in
interface w3c.jigsaw.indexer.ResourceIndexer.
        Enumeration enum = indexer.enumerateExtensionNames() ;
ExtensionsEditor.java:127: Method unregisterExtension(java.lang.String)
not found in interface w3c.jigsaw.indexer.ResourceIndexer.
            indexer.unregisterExtension(id) ;
ExtensionsEditor.java:203: Method loadExtension(java.lang.String) not
found in interface w3c.jigsaw.indexer.ResourceIndexer.
        HTTPResource target = (HTTPResource)
ExtensionsEditor.java:231: Method getIndexer() not found in class
w3c.jigsaw.htt p.httpd.
        this.indexer = getServer().getIndexer() ;
And if I check the ResourceIndexer.java file, the Interface
ResourceIndexer doesn't provide any of those methods !!

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance

Frederic Crozat
Observatoire de Physique du Globe de Clermont-Ferrand

Received on Monday, 1 September 1997 12:37:31 UTC