Re: Restart Jigsaw Alpha5

Chiew Seng Tan wrote:
> I have recently installed to Jigsaw a5 and each time I restart the server, the
> ../Admin/ resources go missing and can no longer perform any admin functions
> from then on until I restore the original root directory.
> Anyone experience such problems before?

I found a similar problem when I try to restart alpha5 by using
Admin/props/Restart Server. The 2.0 navigator would show 'Document
contains no data' if I clicked Admin/Editor after the server came up
again, while the other menus(props, dirs ...) still functioned.

So I have to stop Jigsaw by /Admin/Exit and then restart it manually
each time I want some newly extended resources to take effect.


Zhang Xun

Regional Network Center
Eastern China (north) 
Nanjing, China

Received on Friday, 25 April 1997 07:56:53 UTC