Clarification of putable resources.

Rick Anderson writes:
 > Thanks for the previous help.
 > I have a new question now that things are working properly.  I created the
 > Writable directory template from the configuration tutorial.  The files on
 > the server now have the option of being putable, by turning the putable
 > value to true.  However, the files must allready exist on the server.  If
 > I want to put a newly created file onto the server with no preexisting
 > version is it possible to enable the directory to accept the new file?

That's the difference between DirectoryResource and
PutableDirectory. ie Putable... will allow you to *create* new files
through PUT, provided:
- The new file has an acceptable extension (as defined by
- The PUT request comes with a compliant Mime type (complianjt with
the one defined for the extension


Received on Wednesday, 23 April 1997 03:50:15 UTC