An easy way for getting a resource from an URL?

I don't think ther is a lookup method. You will have to cut and paste
(sigh, and re-sigh) the httpd::perform method part that does the
lookup. Or send me that cut&paste and I'll mke it the lookup method of
httpd ;-)


Wolfgang Martens writes:
 > Hi,
 >   I'm searching for an easy way to get the resource, that is associated
 > with an URL I have in some sort of
 >   I have the URL as a String (can convert it to URL, I know) and want
 > a reference to MyResource to call some methods of it. I know, that I
 > can call getParent() and request.getClient().getServer().getRoot(),
 > and therefore find the Resource myself, but I thought there must already
 > exist some method for this.
 >   Upto now I did not find it. If I just did not look at the right
 > class, even a little hint could help.
 > Thanks,
 > 	Christoph.

Received on Wednesday, 9 April 1997 12:00:52 UTC