Re: Problem on using Cgi problem.


> That's really weird...I guess you have left the "interpretor"
> attribute empty (when exporting native-code cgi ?) If not that's the
> problem;

Bingo, i didn't fill in anything inside the "interpretor" attribute.
Since my users may use different kind of tools to write the cgi program.
ie. perl script, c shell script, and even though a binary executable file.

> otherwise, could you provide more details (the weird thing is
> that beyond the "interpretor" attribute, Jigsaw really relies on
> System.exec to run CGI scripts,

I suspect this is the problem that my user is using some shared 
library to build the binary executable. And this is the line in 
his makefile : -

gcc -o abc.cgi abc.c -L/user_path/library -luser_shared_lib 

If the binary executable is compiled without any "-L" or "-l" 
switches, the abc.cgi can run properly. Is it the problem 
raising from the "shadow" of the path by the Jigsaw Server
and thus the abc.cgi program can't see "user_path/library" ??

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Received on Wednesday, 2 April 1997 00:28:18 UTC