periods in ext possible?

Adrian Havill writes:
 > Is it possible to put a period in the extension when making/changing new
 > ones in Jigsaw?
 > For example, in addition to "gif", "png", "html" (and the many others)
 > I'd like for it to be possible to do:
 > "ja.html"
 > "zh.html"
 > "en.html"
 > which would allow me to easily deliver the correct charset in the
 > Content-Type as well as the Language header, yet at the same time be
 > easily identifable as html.
 > When I put a period in the current Jigsaw, it seems to reject it.

The correct way is to define (for your last example):

html -> FileResource
en   -> HTTPResource

Jigsaw *merges* all matching extension attributes (from left to
right). I think jigsaw default config has the above setting btw


Received on Tuesday, 1 April 1997 03:15:22 UTC