What platform/VM do you run jigsaw on?

Greg Kimberly writes:
 > I'm interested in using Jigsaw and I'd like to know what's the best VM (and
 > platform) to run it on. (I know Java is *supposed* to be cross-platform,
 > but as a Mac user, you'll excuse me if I'm a bit cynical ;-) If you're
 > running Jigsaw, especially as a production server (as opposed to just
 > trying it out) please drop me a line and I'll summarize for the group.
 > I'd like to know:
 > * what machine/OS you're running on
 > * some vague indication of how hard it's being used
 > * how often Jigsaw crashes/fails

hardware OS      usage                robustness
Ultra1   solaris proxy                (stays up a month - 500 req/days)
Ultra1   solaris server (put support) (stays up sev. month - 50 req/day)
PC       winnt   proxy                (can't say - home proxy)
PC       winnt   proxy                (a month - 700req/day)
Sparc20  solaris server               (jigsaw demo site - unadvertized yet)

I am running all these under Sun's Java, I am eager to get symantec
latest version for the PCs.
 > * a URL where we can all see for ourselves a real working Jigsaw server

Bare with me I wasn't planning to make this public, but here is one:



Received on Tuesday, 1 April 1997 02:24:56 UTC