Servlet Help ....

Harihara Vinayak Ram writes:
 > Hi,
 > 	I have been trying to get Servlets running under Jigsaw. I wrote a
 > resource which extends ServletWrapper and tried setting its servlet-class
 > Attributes to the actual servlet.

Are you sure you need to extend ServletWrapper ? 

 > 	When I check the Attributes of the resource I do not find the name
 > of servlet-class Attribute set.

Hum that's weird, may be having a look at your code would help,

 > 	Is there anything that I am doing wrong here. Does Jigsaw support 
 > Servlets and if so which version of Servlets ( The version of Servlets
 > with JeevesA2 or JavaServerBeta ).

The JeevesA2 one, next release will suport the JavaServerBeta


Received on Wednesday, 26 March 1997 04:52:52 UTC