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Sharing the administration load

From: Steve Heaney <heaney@cambridge.scr.slb.com>
Date: 10 Oct 96 11:42:29 +0000
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Message-Id: <AE8291C1-47B156@>

I've just installed the alpha3 and I'm slowly getting to 
grips with an object view of the world.  I have to say, the 
more I use it the more I'm impressed.

Anyway the reason (one reason) I'm interested in Jigsaw is 
that I've a problem with servers I'm currently responsible 
for that I'd like to find a solution, and that concerns 
sharing/distributing the admin tasks.

Is it possible for me to hand off responsibility for maintaining 
certain parts of a web to individuals who may not have general 
admin privileges.  They may have, for example, several groups 
which they are responsible for maintaining, and for defining and 
implementing access policy to documents designated as their 
responsibility, but do not have access to everything under /Admin.

I've tried one approach, adding the GenericAuthFilter as described 
in the tutorial to /Admin with myself as the only named user and 
doing the same for /Admin/Editor/icons with a second named user.  
That second named user doesn't appear to get access to 
/Admin/Editor/icons.  Am I going wrong somewhere?


(One other thing, not directly connected.  The URL displayed 
when I, for example, access the /Admin/Editor/icons resource 
reads /Admin/Editor/editor@12 - the server returns a 302 
to the browser.  I assume this is unique id for the resource, 
but is a little confusing.  Would it be possible to have 
the more descriptive URL displayed?)

Steve Heaney

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