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jigsaw resources under fastcgi

From: S. Alexander Jacobson <alex@virtual.office.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 23:50:50 -0500 ()
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org, fastcgi-developers@openmarket.com
cc: Martijn de Vries <martijn@virtual.office.com>
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Has anyone gotten jigsaw resources to run on top of fast-cgi?  
On top of the netscape server, apache, iis, website?

I am looking for an httpd independent in-process server side java/jdbc 
runtime environment that could have the reach of the cgi standard.

Longer version of same question:

Given the recent discussion of fastcgi for jigsaw (on the fast cgi list),
my question effectively runs the other way.

I am trying to consolidate all of our server side code into java/jdbc.  
I really like the jigsaw httpd, but 
I am working on the constraint that I need to support users running
apache, netscape, iis, openmarket, ncsa, website, etc. httpds.

I am also trying to work in a reasonable platform and database independent

The difficulty at this point is that there seems to be no
consistent server side java environment that works accross the
dominant web servers.  CGI works decently well for perl everywhere, but
even that solution does not work very well for database access.

As far as in process java support goes here is the apparent breakdown:
	Apache, NCSA, and OpenMarket support fastcgi/java 
	Netscape supports proprietary server side applets
	Microsoft doesn't seem to support anything
	O'Reilly supports a proprietary server side java api.
However, I think the jigsaw resource model has an advantage over these
other approaches.  

Has anyone gotten jigsaw resources to run on top of fast-cgi?  
From reading the jigsaw source it looks like this is not impossible
(treating the fast-cgi httpd as the "client" class on steriods).

Is anyone working on this?  Does anyone else want it?


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