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Re:Is STDOUT flushed?

From: Alexandre Rafalovitch <alex@access.com.au>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 11:09:06 +1000
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To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
>I am in the process of setting up Fast CGI applications to run under
>Jigsaw.  (This is an interim step until I can get the apps
>re-written!)  I am using the fast-cgi development kit from the
>www.fastcgi.com (Open Market) site.  They have a cgi-fcgi application
>that is a cgi to fcgi gateway.  You can set up a CgiResource that calls
>a script that invokes the cgi-fcgi gateway and run the fastCGI
>application.  It works really great, except for one item that has me
>baffled.  On the initial connection to the fastCGI application, the
>browser waits and spins.  The browser is waiting for an EOF from the
>server.  If I click on the "Stop" menu button, I get a:
>Transfer interrupted!
>on the browser screen.  But I can go ahead and fill out the form,
>submit and it works fine.  ANY OTHER connections to the fastCGI
>application works just fine.  It is just the initial connection.

It may not be related, but here are two snippets that might be relevant.

1) There was some bug with PATH-INFO in CGI-Resource. Anselm, fixed it, but
I am not sure where the fixed class is. Anselm, how does one get the really
latest stuff, except for searching through -by now very big- mailing list

2) If you are using Netscape2.x and you did not set keep-alive to false,
you might be experiencing keep-alive bug in Netscape. To fix that, turn the
flag off and get the latest source files.

Hope it helps,

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