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Re:How does DirectoryResource keeps its listing?

From: Alexandre Rafalovitch <alex@access.com.au>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 11:15:14 +1000
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Thanks for the promt reply. One more clarification/question is bellow.

At 8:48 PM on 23/6/96, Anselm Baird-Smith wrote:
>  > Am I right and I can use any locals as far as I know they can dissapear at
>  > any time? Is there any way to keep information in locals for as long as I
>  > can and then just before unloading, write it to the file?
> Yes local can disappear at any point of time. The resource will be
> notified (through a call to notifyUnload) before it disappear back to
> disk.

How much can I abuse notifyUnload time. If I keep a lot of information in
locals, and I have to write it to the disk AND I want to keep information
in my own files not Persistant Attributes, because there is a lot of
information to store. Does holding notifyUnload holds up  clients or it is
running from a completely separate thread and does not interfere with
Request fulfilling in any way.
If it does interfere, can you give an estimation of what you thing could be
the longest operation, that still does not make Jigsaw noticably slower?
Reading a writing 20K file inside of notifyUnload? Creating a directory
with 10 files in it, and writing 1K of data in each of them? etc. Maybe I
am better off adding a separate staticly accessable thread for myself that
would do such things?


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