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On 3/2/18 4:53 AM, Andre Schappo wrote:

Actually,having thought about it a bit more, I think we are seeing from
different points of view with respect to mentally allocating the forward
and back operations to the arrow keys. Once I have mentally allocated
the keys to forward and back I no longer think about left or right. I
think about forward and back wrt to the direction of the text.

So, an alternate way of thinking about it, wrt text selection, is:

in a ltr textbox with bidi text: right arrow becomes forward and left
arrow becomes back
in a rtl textbox with bidi text: left arrow becomes forward and right
arrow becomes back

I am ok with this as long as all browsers operate the same way. So, for
this scheme, Firefox is the odd one out.

Addison was kind enough to file a bug:

I'm following up with other folks on the Firefox team.


Excellent! Then we will have consistent behaviour across browsers.

Yesterday I started work on a blog article ➜<>

I<>n this article I have deliberately used the notation "Left 🡆 Right" and "Left 🡄 Right" to indicate direction as it then becomes easier to associate 🡆 with forward in a ltr textbox and 🡄 with forward in a rtl textbox.

André Schappo

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