agenda+ PLEASE REVIEW: Closing TTML issues

Unless i hear objections before or during Thurday's telecon, I intend to 
close the following tracker items related to Timed Text WG's TTML2 spec.

• rubyAlign and wide ruby text

• How would someone display ruby inline?

• Complex ruby is usually both mono and group ruby

• Add an illustration of pinyin for ruby align

• tts:textCombine and combining characters

• Show better mappings between base and annotation in figures

• How to handle mismatched sequences in complex ruby

• NR is less than NB and NB is equal to 1

• rubyOffset and line-spacing

• Metadata examples do not include xml:lang (editorial)

Please raise comments on the appropriate github issue, or bring them to 
the telecon.


Received on Monday, 19 February 2018 16:43:15 UTC