Can we close these HTML issues?

The HTML WG has merged 3 changes to the HTML 5.3 spec in an attempt to 
resolve some issues we raised.

See the following links for the tracker items.  Are we ok to accept 
those resolutions? (HTML folks are asking for a reply.)

Use of modifier keys for accesskey #159

Normalization and accesskey #481

Allow input type="email" to accept unicode values #418

What should autocapitalize default be #519

Addison, can we add this to next week's agenda to discuss anything 
people are not happy with?

I think everything looks about as good as we can expect to get it for 
this release. Accesskey is a bit of a mess, because of lack of 
standardisation in implementations; internationalised emails are now 
fully supported; autocapitalise is probably ok.


Received on Friday, 2 February 2018 14:16:32 UTC