Proposal to close TTM & IndexDB review comments

if there are no objections by next Thursday, i propose we close the 
following issues and thank the WGs involved.

(If you want to support the decision to close, please add a thumbs up 
emoji, rather than adding a new comment. That keeps down the 
notification traffic. Thx.)


• Support for bopomofo ruby needed

• Should we allow more overhang for Chinese?

• Default ruby position may be on the wrong side for tblr (eg. mongolian)

• rubyAlign withBase

• It should be easier to specify direction for RTL script users

• How to space base characters where shiftRuby kicks in for group ruby?

• tts:writingMode example is not helpful

• Please provide more illustrations and examples for the ruby sections

• Can <named-item> altText have xml:lang?

• ASCII character code (editorial)

• list of records ascending order

• sorted list by code unit

• where unique key goes [non-I18N]

• opaque string comparison health warning?

• name content issues?

• Given and family are better than first and last

Received on Thursday, 3 August 2017 17:00:45 UTC