[uievents-key] Issue: Supplementary characters in ES6 can use code point values marked as i18n-comment

r12a has just labeled an issue for https://github.com/w3c/uievents-key
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== Supplementary characters in ES6 can use code point values ==
1.1. Stylistic Conventions

>   Unicode character encodings are shown as: \u003d.

2. Keyboard Event key Value Tables, 2nd Note

> There are special internationalization considerations for ECMAScript
 escaped characters. CharMod conformance [CharMod] expects the use of 
code points rather than surrogate pairs in escapes. ECMAScript escaped
 characters use surrogate pairs for characters outside the Basic 
Multilingual Plane (\uD84E\uDDC2 for "𣧂", a Chinese character meaning 
"untidy"), rather than C-style fixed-length characters (\U000239c2 for
 "𣧂") or delimited escapes such as Numeric Character References 
("𣧂"). Characters escaped in this manner:
> -  are based on UTF-16 encoding, in that it uses surrogate pairs for
 values outside the Basic Multilingual Plane
> -  are expressed using surrogate pairs, which makes it difficult for
 a human to look up the value, and might require unnecessary overhead 
for machine processing — this can also cause problems with software 
written in the incorrect belief that Unicode is a 16-bit character set
> -  are problematic for characters on supplementary planes (emoji, or
 Chinese characters on plane 2), some of which are expected to be 
input using a keyboard
> -  are not be suitable for Java or C, which use different escaping 
mechanisms (could be solved with a normalizing method)

These are good points. 

Another point would be that this annotation form ties the document to 
a specific implementation approach that will become redundant over 
time.  ES6 already supports a codepoint based escape format, eg. 

(Btw, shouldn't this explanatory text be in the main UI Events spec?  
Maybe i just missed it.)

See https://github.com/w3c/uievents-key/issues/31

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