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[predefined-counter-styles] The "Maghrebian Abjad" sequence

From: Najib Tounsi via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2016 12:56:35 +0000
To: www-international@w3.org
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== The "Maghrebian Abjad" sequence ==
In addition to the two lists  of Arabic letters in CSS counter styles,
 "persian-alphabetic" (aka Hijā’ī) and "persian-abjad" (aka Abjadī),  
I think there is another list (or version) of Arabic Abjadī. The 
"Maghrebian Abjad" sequence. It is a little bit different from the 
well known one, the "Persian Abjad" (or "Arabic Abjad")

 Persian-abjad :    أبجد هوز حطي كلمن سعفص قرشت ثخذ ضظغ  
Magrebian-abjad :  أبجد هوز حطي كلمن صعفض قرست ثخذ ظغش 

(See also picture attached)

The Magrebian-abjad is what I learned at school as a second sequence 
beside the more scholar sequence which is called alphabetic (and is 
also the Unicode sequence).
I think the Magrebian-abjad is easier to pronounce, especially at the 
" ... thakhudh ẓughshin " vs " ... thakhudh ḍuẓghin "

So here is my suggestion:

@counter-style maghrebian-abjad {
system: fixed;
suffix: ') '; 
  '\627' '\628' '\62C' '\62F' '\647\200D' '\648' '\632' '\62D' '\637' 
'\64A' '\6A9' '\644' '\645' '\646' 
 '\635' '\639' '\641' '\636' '\642' '\631' '\633' '\62A' '\62B' '\62E'
 '\630' '\638' '\63A' '\634';
/* symbols: 
'ا' 'ب' 'ج' 'د' 'ه‍' 'و' 'ز' 'ح' 'ط' 'ي' 'ک' 'ل' 'م' 'ن' 
 'ص'  'ع' 'ف' 'ض'
'ق' 'ر'  'س'  'ت'  'ث' 'خ' 'ذ' 'ظ' 'غ' 'ش'

Note that I put 
instead of

Best regards,



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