[Bug 28257] [webvtt] start/end linked to left/right [I18N-ISSUE-422]


--- Comment #29 from Simon Pieters <simonp@opera.com> ---
(In reply to Silvia Pfeiffer from comment #27)
> Sure, but think about what a caption author expects when they decide to use
> a 50% wide box and don't provide explicit positioning.
> A 50% wide box with left aligned text is most naturally aligned to the left
> edge of the viewport. As you can see in your example above, it doesn't look
> like it's left aligned at all - it looks like it's misplaced somewhere
> random.

The example doesn't use left aligned text. It uses *start* aligned text, which
for RTL text is *right* aligned. We're not going to make progress here if you
keep talking about align:start as if it were the same as align:left.

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