[charmod-norm] String matching problem (Section 2 introduction) -- types of operations

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== String matching problem (Section 2 introduction) -- types of 
operations ==
The text reads
"...string-based operations such as matching, indexing, searching, 
sorting, regular expression matching, and so forth."
If "regular expression matching" is really intended to mean "regular 
expression processing", say that.  Otherwise, this would be more clear
 if, instead of seeming to include matching generally and then turning
 around and specifying some particular type as if it were an 
exception, the text read something like
" string-based operations such as matching (including regularly 
expression matching), indexing, searching, sorting, and so forth."

This paragraph also does not provide a good lead-in to what follows.  
A sentence to the effect that most of those operations can be affected
 by user perceptions of how different strings relate and 
transformations that may be applied to more nearly match those 

See https://github.com/w3c/charmod-norm/issues/65
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