Re: "International" email addresses [I18N-ACTION-374]

On Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 9:33 AM, John C Klensin <> wrote:

> (1) If these groups believe that the IETF specs are too
> permissive or badly defined, put together a proposal
> ​ ​
> and submit

it through the IETF process.

​I agree with you, in principle. There are times, however, where another
spec (like HTML5) may support a narrower syntactic format than the original

Now, it might be that what I suggest is too narrow. Perhaps something like
would be better


What would be interesting would be to gather some statistics on the number
of email messages in use that would be affected...​

(And just speaking for myself, I have too few years of life left to get
involved in another IETF proposal
😱. Addison
​ is still young; maybe he​
is game 🎱 ...)


> The decision to restrict quoted email addresses when the
> SMTPUTF8 (aka "EAI") extensions where in use was discussed
> carefully and at length.
> ​...
> ​... ​
> The
> net result is that one can use both fancy quoting forms an
> all-ASCII addresses or use non-ASCII addresses but not the
> quoting forms.
> ​ ...
> It seems to me
> ​

> those restrictions are entirely in line with W3C and WHATWG

moves in other areas such as the Encoding spec.
> ​
> ​

​Thanks for the note, and I agree with you. I meant my note to just apply
to just the ​ASCII forms.​

Mark <>

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