[Bug 16691] Fix euc-kr


--- Comment #14 from Jungshik Shin <jshin@chromium.org> ---
To me/Blink, it does not matter much how index file for EUC-KR is arranged
because we won't use the index file directly (we use it to generate an icu
mapping file). 

However, I found an important incompatibility between  
browsers using ICU on the one hand (Chrome, Opera, Safari) and Firefox on the
other hand when it comes to handling invalid/unassigned code points in legacy

When coming across '\xF0\x61' in EUC-KR/CP949, ICU emits U+FFFD for the two
byte sequence. Firefox emits U+FFFD followed by U+0061. And, that's what the
current encoding spec requires of Big5 (I found it the other day while making
the ICU mapping table for Big5 per the encoding spec). 

We need to reconcile this discrepancy. I'll file a separate bug.

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