Re: [css-text] Fallback alignment for unexpandable text

I agree with A.

* Word does A
* Excel does A
* A jQuery plugin for distribute[1] does A

Quickly searched but didnít find other cases.



On Oct 23, 2014, at 2:32 PM, fantasai <> wrote:

> The CSSWG agreed to remove some special-cased behavior for the last line
> for 'text-justify: distribute' now that we have a 'text-align: justify-all'
> syntax. We have another special behavior, though, which is its behavior
> when the text is unexpandable: it is centered.
> In all cases justification falls back to whatever was specified for
> 'text-align-last'. However, if that value is also 'justify', then we need
> to come up with something else. Currently that is center-alignment for
> 'distribute' and start-alignment for everything else.
> Possibilities for fallback alignment:
>  A. Justification always falls back to center.
>  B. Justification always falls back to start-alignment.
>  C. Justification fallback depends on 'text-justify' as currently.
> I don't think B is a good idea because it's in fact quite common in
> CJK to justify the last (often only) line of text and want it to fall
> back to centering. I also prefer to fully decouple 'text-justify'
> from fallback alignment, so my preference is A.
> Thoughts from others?
> Note: We can extend text-align to take an explicit fallback alignment
> in the future in any case. This would just be the default.
> ~fantasai

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