Re: [css-text] letter-spacing tests

On 10/10/14 1:08 AM, Richard Ishida wrote:

> All browsers added space between characters that should be joining. On
> the Mac the Scheherazade font failed to keep the lam-alif and lam-meem
> combinations together, separating the glyph parts.

This is because Scheherazade, like a growing number of Arabic fonts, 
does not use ligature glyphs, even for the lam+alif sequence. It is 
important to remember that a ligature -- a single glyph representing 
more than one character -- is a particular technological solution, not a 
feature of the writing system. As more font makers realise the relative 
efficiency of handling Arabic without ligatures, instead utilising 
contextually triggered variant letter glyphs, you'll see more fonts 
behaving in letterspacing tests as Scheherazade does.


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