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--- Comment #12 from Larry Masinter <lmm@acm.org> ---
This specification, by itself, does nothing to the IANA charset registry,
because the IANA charset registry remains, and remains relevant to those trying
to understand how charset labels appear and are intended, e.g., in web-based
email and instant messaging.

So it isn't true that all applications using this specification need not know
about or look at the IANA charset registry. The IANA charset registry may
remain inaccurate until someone fixes it, but this specification unfortunately
does nothing to change its accuracy and very little reduce its relevance. 

Until there is a replacement for the IANA charset registry that is suitable for
use by other (non-web) applications, and suitable for web-based implementations
of those applications, the IANA charset registry remains an important (if
flawed) source of information for designers and implementors of those

By making false statements about how well this draft does something it doesn't
really do (obsolete or render the IANA charset registry) the more you
negatively affect the incentive to do what is necessary, which is to actually
fix the IANA charset registry.   Fixing the IAMA charset registry so that it is
useful and an acceptable reference for non-web applications may be out of scope
or not addressed here, but just say so.

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