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--- Comment #4 from Martin Dürst <duerst@it.aoyama.ac.jp> ---
The first paragraph now reads:

"Unicode is the universal alphabet and utf-8 is its encoding. This
specification turns that into a requirement for new protocols and formats, as
well as existing formats deployed in new contexts."

The first sentence reads as if it's from a religious document. It would be
great if we could avoid this impression. What about something like "The
universal alphabet Unicode and its encoding utf-8 are indispensable for
interoperability." ?

The "that" in the second sentence is unclear because there are two referents
(Unicode and utf-8). What about changing "This specification turns that into a
requirement" to "This specification requires utf-8" ?

The last paragraph (of the preface) ends with "and thereby renders the registry
irrelevant.". I don't care whether we say "obsolete" or "irrelevant", but we
need to qualify the range of that statement. We already had various text
proposals for this qualification, but apparently they got dropped. What about
"and thereby renders the registry irrelevant for specifications,
implementations, and content adhering to it." or some such?

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