Re: [Encoding] false statement [I18N-ACTION-328][I18N-ISSUE-374]

On 2014/08/29 07:59, John C Klensin wrote:
>                                              Given that and
> speaking personally rather than predicting IETF reactions, I
> would see no problem at all annotating the IANA Registry entries
> for a few Charsets with comments that an alternate
> interpretation has been seen in the wild, that those using that
> Charset should consequently use caution, and, ideally,
> describing what the deviations are.

Also speaking personally and not as the "Secondary Expert" for that 
registry, I also see such annotations as a possibility. As I already 
mentioned in a different mail, updates to the registry are possible. 
Also, the table at has 
a (currently empty) "Note" column.

     That wouldn't do much for
> the pseudo-Unicode posing as UTF-8 situation that Andrew
> describes, but it would probably work reasonably well for, e.g.,
> the "sometimes 'us-ascii' is really Windows 1252" problem.
> If you and others thought it worthwhile to see if we can figure
> out an appropriate IETF mechanism to create that annotation, I'd
> be happy to collaborate.

The appropriate IETF mechanism is to "reregister" the relevant charset 
labels with an additional note (but ideally no other changes to avoid 
further bikesheding and delays).

> Notes about reality, however
> unfortunate that reality is, should always be welcome.   It
> would, however, probably not be worth the effort if all the
> current Encoding spec has to say on the subject is equivalent to
> "don't pay any attention to whatever the IANA Charset Registry
> says" (or worse).

I agree.

Regards,   Martin.

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