Re: Encoding single-byte tests

Hello Richard,

On 2014/08/24 01:39, Richard Ishida wrote:
> I have just uploaded a set of tests for the Encoding specification. They
> assess whether browsers support single-byte encodings as described in
> the Encoding spec[1] indexes, both for preferred encoding labels and
> aliases.
> See the results at
> As usual you can link to the tests from there.
> I incorporated a lot of useful work done by Martin Dürst (thanks
> Martin!) into the test format, but ended up rewriting the tests to
> provide the flexibility I needed for extending them to the alias labels.

If I can incorporate that into my stuff to help you, please let me know 
(your previous mail mentioned 'four additional lines'; my guess is this 
is more).

> There is another results page at
> that shows just the preferred labels, but it has less information about
> partial passes.

What do you consider a 'partial pass'? Does it mean that the label is 
recognized but some codepoints are not transcoded correctly?

> Those of you who saw that page before should note that the results are
> now slightly different. I haven't tracked down the cause, but I suspect
> that silent codepoint changes in my editor were to blame for the initial
> discrepancies.

I have tried to find such a case. I found that for windows-1253, my 
tests give "expected "U+FFFD" but got "ª" (U+00AA)" for 0xAA, but Chrome 
is listed green for windows-1253 (incl. aliases) at 
My version of Chrome is "37.0.2062.94 m". I also found 8 errors for my 
tests on windows-874.

I strongly recommend to not use an editor that silently changes 
codepoints for work with tests. Maybe I should go as far as suggesting 
to not use *any* editor for tests like these, because one never can be 
sure. The tests have to use the actual codepoints, even in the C0 range 
(except for 0x00 and 0x0D, which aren't testable).

> Of course, send any comments/bugs to me, but note that I'm on vacation
> until Wednesday (and I really need a break after doing this!).

Please enjoy. I just came back to Japan from vacation in Switzerland, 
but I don't have much time for these tests either :-(.

Regards,   Martin.

> Cheers,
> RI
> [1]

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