RE: Call for comments: HTML5.x time zone proposal [I18N-ACTION-327]


I have filed a bug against to track this request. The bug is noted in the proposal, but if you're interested in tracking developments or offering support, it is:

Comments on the proposal, of course, are still welcome.



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> Subject: Call for comments: HTML5.x time zone proposal [I18N-ACTION-327]
> All,
> The Internationalization WG has been working on addressing a long-standing
> gap in HTML time and date values, which is the lack of accurate/complete time
> zone identifiers. Time values can contain the UTC (GMT) offset, which allows
> most "timestamps" to be complete. However, some situations call for the
> additional information conveyed by the actual time zone rules. See [1] for
> examples.
> This item is tracked against by [2] [I18N-ISSUE-89]. The working
> group has developed a proposal in response to this issue. The
> Internationalization WG would like comments from the community. You can
> find the proposal here:

> Please send comments to this list *before* next Thursday, 14 August.
> Thanks!
> Addison (for I18N)
> [1]

> [2]

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