Changes to Predefined Counter Styles

In preparation for publication of a new version of next week I have 
made the following changes to the document.

1. Added spaces to the suffixes other than those that use full-width 
characters. This change necessitated by change to the CSS spec.

2. Added a paragraph to say that we expect this document to steadily 
evolve, and that people should send suggestions for change to this list.

3. Removed the following issue, since the link is now dead:

putting the circumflex above a digit in armenian numbering multiplies 
the digit by 1000. The draft currently states a 10,000 multiplier. Which 
is correct? (Having the multiplier be 1000 means that you can 
potentially write the thousands digit two ways, using either the set of 
thousands digits or the set of ones digits with a circumflex. The 
examples given in the note appear to use the former.)

4. Converted the other issue (Greek) to a note.


Received on Friday, 15 August 2014 19:16:17 UTC