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> John C Klensin scripsit:
>>     (An Arizona native who leaned to be twitchy about that
>>     "time zone" more than a half-century ago)
> What's more, the whole Navajo Nation observes DST and
> therefore is in America/Denver, even the parts that overlap
> Arizona.  However, the Hopi Reservation, which is physically
> surrounded by (but does not overlap) the Navajo Nation, is
> entirely in Arizona and is part of America/Phoenix.

Indeed.   My vague recollection is that, if one picked the right
(or wrong) year, the above might be different, too.  I'd have to
go look it up to be sure, but my recollection is also that
Arizona has observed Daylight (aka "War") time in some years. 

IMO, this just reinforces my suggestion: be careful about the
words one uses for "Phoenix time", or avoid it entirely in
examples, unless one wants to get dragged into that mess of fine
distinctions and subtle rules.  On the other hand, if one wanted
to illustrate the mess as a collection of exceptions and
exceptions to exceptions...


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