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> All,
> Thanks to everyone who responded to the call for comments. I
> have updated the document located here:
> I hope that I have addressed everyone's comments fully.
> Feedback is still welcome.

The text now reads "...  at that time of year. However, it is
also the same as Mountain Standard Time (which is observed in
the America/Phoenix time zone at this time of the year)".  While
that is true, it will add to, rather than reduce, confusion.
Arizona doesn't go onto daylight time, so what they observe in
the summer is indeed technically MST.  But the entire rest of
that zone, which is shown on innumerable maps of actual lines
corresponding to roughly fifteen degree intervals as "Mountain
Time", just as those maps show Los Angeles, San Francisco, and
Seattle as in "Pacific Time" does observe daylight time and is
at -0600 during the "summer".

If you want to preserve the "it is also the same as..."
phrasing, I recommend you say something like " "it is also the
same as the same as the time in Arizona, which does not observe
Daylight Time and is therefore considered to be in the special
America/Phoenix time zone".    That would avoid introducing the
MST terminology, getting tangled up with whether what Arizona
observes in the summer is really MST, or the "this time of year"
association with America/Phoenix since, by definition, Phoenix
is in that zone year-round just as Seattle is in the America/Los
Angeles zone year-round.

Otherwise, I think the coverage of that section is now just

    (An Arizona native who leaned to be twitchy about that "time
zone" more than a half-century ago)

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