Re: [css-text] Universal Compromise Default Justification

Ok, let’s go back to the original topic.

I think we first need to clarify what this is for. In my understanding, when CSS Text Level 3 is defined and implemented, authors will start using lang attributes or one of text-justify values, because all browsers consistently show how good/bad the justifications is for his/her languages.

So, in my opinion, the algorithm for when content language is unknown and text-justify: auto should prioritize backward compatibility over doing as best justification for all over the world as possible. I’m also not a believer of single algorithm can even do a good-enough justification for everyone on the planet, so this goal fits me well.

Backward compatibility is a bit hard to define here, because there is little-to-zero interoperability today. But “what is the best backward compatibility when there are zero-to-little interoperability today” is a topic we can discuss after we agreed on the goal.



Received on Sunday, 3 August 2014 14:10:40 UTC