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   Hello, Richard!

I have looked at the tests ( ) and found nothing  wrong.
Shalom (Regards),  Mati

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I wrote some tests to check whether browsers support bidi isolation of elements with dir attributes, and whether they treat such elements in the same way as a neutral character wrt the surrounding text.

No browser yet does that by default, though we are expecting that that will soon change.

You can see the tests by clicking on the links to the left of the tables at

In a second table, lower down that page, are results for the same tests when a CSS shim is used, as recommended by our bidi articles for content authors[1].  With the exception of IE and a rare case in Firefox (for now), you can see that the shim produces good results.

I plan to submit a pull request to include these in the HTML test suite soon.  If you have any comments, please send to these lists asap.



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