Re: [Encoding] false statement

On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 7:59 PM, Larry Masinter <> wrote:
> If you scope the override to the web, you need to address workflows of
> interoperability between web and non-web (web-based email and instant
> messaging clients, for example), where the non-web application really uses
> the IANA-registered values. I don’t think that’s a world we want to aim for.
> One Web, One Internet.

Yes. E.g. otherwise off-web XML would not interoperate with web XML.
It would be extremely silly.

> I think it’s better to supplant the IANA charset registry by providing
> something better – better for all.

Agreed, that is this document.

> I don’t think it’s really a feature to turn off the ability to register new
> charsets completely, even if it is rare and of limited applicability.
> (separate message).

It's not turned off. It's just harder. You need to revise this document.

> The information in this specification should be merged into the IANA charset
> registry and presented in a form that is at least as useful as this spec,
> and also at least as useful as the current registry. (A low bar on both
> counts, we could ask for more.)

I tried and failed. I'm not interested in pursuing that path anymore.
You have to cut your losses at some point.

> Once that integration has been completed (i.e., the IANA charset registry
> notes all info as conveyed here), then this specification itself will be
> redundant.

How exactly? This document defines many algorithms and tables covered
exactly nowhere.


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