Re: [css3-writing-modes] i18n-ISSUE-167: Example of Bidirectional Text

On 06/17/2014 07:39 AM, Richard Ishida wrote:
> I think it's ok, thanks.  However the indent after the first line of
> those paragraphs looks a bit odd to me - was it intentional?  I think
> i'd also make the explanatory text proportionally-spaced, if it was
> up to me (like the first para of the example).

Hmm. Looks like the spec postprocessor is choking on something.
Should be worked around now (and I'll need to file a bug).

> One further editorial change that may help is to move the following
> text immediately after the CSS code:
> [[
> The formatting of this text might look like this if the line length is long:
> ...
> Note that the <quote> embedding causes HEBREW18 to be to the right of english19.
> ]]
> That would make it easier to understand when you say things like
> "Thus, the first two <para>s are read starting at the top right,
> the final three are read starting at the top left", because at
> the moment that appears to refer to the source code, which is in
> logical order, and so is rather confusing.

Okay, done. Also did a bit of related cleanup.

> Also the right-aligned lines are not properly right-aligned.

Right. Appears to also be a bug in the postprocessor. Added
a workaround to this one, too, so should be fixed now.

> One final suggestion: do we need to have hyphenation in the
> lower example of displayed text?

Um. No. But it needs to go somewhere, so I'm going to leave
this issue open until that concern lands elsewhere.

Thanks for the detailed feedback and good suggestions!


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