Re: [css-text] Arabic letters connecting between elements with display: inline

2014-05-24 13:50 GMT-04:00 CE Whitehead <>:

> My question is: should the characters that are not joined take the shapes
> they would have as if they were joined?As with Arabic hyphenation? (
> (Someone whose language
> is Arabic might best answer this.)
> (Also, and this question is for everyone, are there currently published
> books with examples of boldfaced or italic text? From what Najib says
> boldfacing is used for emphasis, but not so much italicizing; I think it
> will be unlikely that we will find examples that have a single letter in a
> word emphasized with boldfacing, but I thought I'd ask anyway)
> Changing font color should not and obviously does not affect joining;
> changing font style (to italic) might, as might changing font weight to
> bold;  changing font family which is different from changing style or
> weight obviously does affect joining.
I interpreted Najib's statement more along the lines of italics not really
existing. I can't speak for Arabic, but this sounds somewhat like the case
with Chinese, where so-called "italics" are all oblique type (at a
unnatural italic angle), and what technically should be classed as italic
is often not.

Someone correct me but as far as I understand all Arabic type is
necessarily more or less cursive (structually speaking) and so technically
speaking non-italic type should not exist. That I think is the real reason
why "italics" are not used.

-ambrose <>

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