[Bug 24845] Merge <form> and URL error modes?


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--- Comment #5 from Henri Sivonen <hsivonen@hsivonen.fi> ---
(In reply to Simon Pieters from comment #4)
> Consider a document (with a http: base URL) with encoding windows-1251 which
> includes a link <a href="?&aring;"> and a form <form><input name=x
> value="&aring;"></form>. å is not representable in windows-1251. The former
> is turned into ?%3F and the latter is turned into ?%26%23229%3B. The
> proposal is to make both ?%26%23229%3B.
> The proposal matches WebKit/Blink.
> IE almost matches the current spec, it just doesn't percent-escape the "?".

I could live with matching WebKit/Blink. The probability of IE's approach ever
leading to a useful URL seems low.

> Gecko switches to utf-8 for the whole URL and gets ?%C3%A5.

Hmm. Switching the encoding when one non-representable character is added
doesn't seem like a good idea to me, especially if other browsers don't do the
same. CCing bz in the hope of getting background info.

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