Re: I18N-ISSUE-214: directionality should be made normative, with informative additions [.prep-ITS-20]

Here are some proposals, which have been passed by the i18n telecon. 
They are mostly from Norbert, with a few tweaks from me.

- Remove "This section is informative."

- Replace the first Note with: "At the time of writing, enhancements 
are being discussed in the context of HTML5 that are expected to change 
the approach to marking up directionality, in particular to support 
content whose directionality needs to be isolated from the that of 
surrounding content. However, these enhancements are not finalized yet. 
This section therefore reflects directionality markup in HTML 4; 
enhancements in HTML5 will be reflected in a future revision."

- In 8.5.2, add a Note to the description of LOCAL use: "HTML does not 
have the "lro" and "rlo" values for its dir attribute, so these values 
are not used for HTML documents. HTML uses an inline bdo element instead."

- Enhance example 46 with use of "rlo": Add to the description ", except 
that bdo elements with that attribute have right-to-left override 
content". Add a second rule: '<its:dirRule dir="rlo" 

Then add to example 45 by extending the textual content to say:
<par>In Hebrew, the title <quote xml:lang="he" direction="rtlText">פעילות
         הבינאום, W3C</quote> means <quote>Internationalization Activity,
         W3C</quote>, and the order of characters is <bdo>פעילות 
הבינאום, W3C</bdo.</par>

- In the Note in 8.5.1, correct the value of the third bullet to "lro", 
and the description in the fourth bullet to "right-to-left override".

- In Appendix A, add a normative reference to HTML 4.01.

Hope that helps,

On 16/01/2013 18:23, Internationalization Working Group Issue Tracker wrote:
> I18N-ISSUE-214: directionality should be made normative, with informative additions [.prep-ITS-20]
> Raised by: Richard Ishida
> On product: .prep-ITS-20
> 8.5 Directionality
> Since the section on directionality is unchanged from ITS 1.0, and since some implementers are addressing directionality in reference implementations, this section should be normative.
> It may benefit from a non-normative note or section that explains how changes are likely in the near future, and the exact form of those changes is currently under discussion in the i18n, HTML and CSS Working Groups. The changes are expected to include ways of specifying isolation when setting base direction, which will likely supercede the ltr and rtl values as the default. A future version of ITS should address those changes.
> [This comment not checked by i18n WG, but based on telecon discussions.]

Richard Ishida

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