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From: Richard Ishida <ishida@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 10:57:21 +0100
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Name: Gihan Dias - but my full name is longer
Email: gihan@cse.mrt.ac.lk

In Sri Lanka we have, in addition to several of the cases given:
1. Family names both at the beginning and end of the name. Usually the 
onces at the beginning are denoted by initials
2. The *last* of the given names is sometimes the most significant 
(recently, by bank car came with my "middle" name in full, and my first 
name as an initial).
3. "Full Name" may be very long, and is not used other than by govt., 
banks, etc. People often use some combination of their names (e.g. their 
last two given names) as their first name and last name.

Richard Ishida, W3C
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