Re: Proposal: Input Method Editor API

Greetings Kato-san,

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Makoto Kato <> wrote:
>  Hi, Bono-san.  This is interesting.
> 1. Why do we need candidate list interface?  Candidate list isn't simple.
>  Modern input method shows attributes in the list such as Hiragana or
> meaning or etc.

I just would like to hear opinions about how much this interface is
needed. As written in The InputMethodManager::candidates attribute,
this interface is only for Windows and I'm also wondering if this is

> 2. I don't make sense that default of textColor of CompositionAttribute is
> black. Default should be depended on UA.  (If user selects text color to
> grey in setting of UA, it should set gray.).  Also, slected/target range
> should use HighlightText of CSS System color.

Thank you for noticing this. I will update my document as written in
my reply to Nakano-san.

> 3. Is it enough that attribute of CompositionAttribute is "selected" only?
>  Japanese input system has "converted", "non-converted" and "target".

In brief, I did not include these attributes because I'm wondering if
we can get them on Linux and Mac. If I recall correctly, GTK uses
pango attributes and Mac uses the attributes of NSAttributeString. (As
far as I have investigated them, they do not have such IME-specific


Hironori Bono

Received on Wednesday, 22 September 2010 06:57:13 UTC