Re: For review: Using <b> and <i> tags

Richard Ishida scripsit (2010-07-01 17:52+02:00):
> Comments are being sought on the article Using <b> and <i> tags prior to final release.

I know I should have come up with this prior to final release, but 
what’s a final release in the Web where nothing is set in stone? So I 
eventually come up with another comment post to first release. To quote 
my favorite character in Star Trek, Q: “The trial never ends.” ;-)

In Japanese example, the article says:
“The problem is that, if the English author has used i  tags everywhere 
(thinking about the presentational rendering he/she wants in English), 
the Japanese localizer will be unable to easily apply different styling 
to the different types of text.”

Why ist that? What would make the Japanese localizer unable to change 
the English <i>document name</i> to 『document name』, and the English 
<i>foreign language idiom</i> to 《foreign language idiom》?

My guess is: Because the localizer does not necessarily have to 
understand the phrases “document name” and “foreign language idiom“ (or 
English at all), and the translator does not necessarily have to 
understand <i> (or have to look at the markup at all). And localizer and 
translator does not necessarily have to be the same person.

Am I right here?

Anyway, IMHO the article should not leave that for the reader to guess. 
Maybe that could be clarified in a future update to the final release 
(be it in a sidenote).

Just another .02€,

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