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> Hello André,
> On 2009/05/06 22:29, André (小山) Schappo wrote:
>> There is significant difference between browsers in the set of  
>> language
>> tags available for user selection. It would be of benefit if there  
>> were
>> an agreed set of language tags that were incorporated into all  
>> browsers.
>> Perhaps some sort of registration system similar to
>> <> except for
>> fully formed language tags instead of subtags.
> Who would be allowed to register there? How could we force browser  
> vendors to follow this registry?

I am thinking an open registry with moderation by knowledgeable persons.

I imagine that browser vendors would willingly adopt registered  
language tags in addition to the set they currently support. I  
envisage that those that register a language tag would have a real/ 
innovative need/application for that language tag. The language tag  
registry would guide the browser vendors and form a reference source  
for applied language tags.

>> This would pave the way for interesting applications of language  
>> tags in
>> browsers.
>> eg
>> Take a youtube like site (lets call it signtube) that also has a  
>> signed
>> language version of a video that is shown in parallel. Now take the
>> language subtag:
>> Type: language
>> Subtag: sgn
>> Description: Sign Languages
>> Different regions have different sign languages.
>> Then register the language tags
>> sgn-GB (British Sign Language)
>> sgn-JP (Japanese Sign Language)
>> sgn-CN (Chinese Sign Language)
>> ...etc...
> Please note that draft-ietf-ltru-4645bis deprecates codes such as  
> sgn-GB in favor of ISO 639-3 three-letter codes (gss for sgn-GB).

Thank you for that info. Interesting and illuminating.

>> Then, for example, if I had my browser set to sgn-JP I would see the
>> video on signtube signed in Japanese Sign Language.
> Why would this be helped by having an accepted list of languages for  
> the browsers? Even without that, you can set your browser's  
> preference to include jsl (sgn-JP), and if that's available on  
> signtube, it can easily be served. The big obstacle to that is not  
> an uniform list in the browser, but the cost of translation.

I am using firefox and currently there are only the standard (not sure  
who's standard :-)) language tags available for user selection. So,  
currently, it is not just a matter of setting browser preferences.  
When I want a different language tag then I use the firefox extension  
"Modify Headers" to change the http header Accept-Language. I  
currently have Modify Headers set up for en-Brai, zh-Brai, ja-Brai, ko- 
Brai (for my experimentation with adaptive websites) which are not  
available in the firefox set of language tags.

So, if, for example :-

I were to register ja-Brai in a language tag registry and if browser  
vendors were to incorporate those language tags in the registry then  
ja-Brai would be user selectable by all users.

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